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When simple improvements are no longer possible, it is time to remake your website.

1. You cannot edit the contents of your website.

Are you often frustrated when making changes to your site? Do you need to call a technician to add a product, a picture or change your phone number?

However, having a site that is easy to modify yourself is possible. You should be able to make small changes whenever you want and without paying high fees each time.

If your site does not have a tool to update it or it is so difficult that you feel nauseated every time you need to make changes, it is a clue that the technology is out of date.

2. The design of your website seems old-fashioned or unprofessional.

Your website is often the first contact people have with your company. Their opinion of this one is based then according to the impression they have of the latter. If the design is outdated, users will deduce that your business is too.

Make sure the design of your site reflects the professionalism of your business. An up-to-date design supports the fact that it is a modern organization aware of the trends of its industry.

3. You cannot add your social networks.

Your website should at least show your company’s social profiles. To increase your visibility, you can also include buttons to help users share each page.

If you cannot in any way integrate social media on your site, it is probably far behind those of your competitors.

4. You cannot add new features.

Have a Google Map, YouTube videos, newsletter, etc. on your site should not be science fiction. The technologies on your website must be recent enough to host tools from different web providers.

5. You website is not mobile friendly or responsive to other smart device.

Your website is not suitable for mobile devices? There is a good chance that users of these devices do not even bother to visit it.

“Responsive design” is a technology that allows a site to be viewed on a wide variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. This ensures you reach a wider audience.

Transforming an existing site into “responsive design” is not easy. It is usually necessary to redo the entire code to make the site adaptive.

6. Your site no longer reflects the image of your business.

Sometimes a site shows an outdated version of the business. This often happens when the business has changed business line or customer base. The site is therefore a poor representation of new products and services.

Although you can update the texts of your current site, it may no longer suits the evolution of your business.

7. Your website uses Flash technology.

If it is fully Flash-coded, it becomes even more urgent to create a new website. This technology is not supported by Apple’s phones (iPhone) and tablets (iPad). A flash site is generally heavier and is too complex to be referenced.

Flash technology experienced many security vulnerabilities last year. The owner of the latter also begins the transition to HTML5. Several key actors on the Web are gradually abandoning this outdated technology.

8. Your site was designed more than 2 years ago and has not been modified since.

So, think seriously about redoing your site. The web is evolving at light speed, making a site obsolete quickly. If by chance your content is always up-to-date, the design or technology are probably outdated and they are not compatible with the new uses of mobility.

Your management system for the website has not been updated for 2 years or above? You may not be able to upgrade without having to review your entire site. If it is possible, the costs for all adjustments will be equivalent to the cost of a new site.

9. Your website traffic has dropped.

If your web statistics show a steady decline in the number of visits, your website may be out of date! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps improve your ranking on search engines. Internet users will automatically be directed to your website by typing on Google keywords that refer to your services. And if you are not present on “your” own keywords, you lose traffic and, by extension, potential customers. An audit of your site is essential, you must prepare for the possibility of a redesign.

When simple improvements are no longer possible, it is time to revamp your website.

You can then combine with a good web agency or consider doing your own website. Remember, a well-designed website is one of the most effective marketing tools. This is your most valuable asset for marketing.


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