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Everybody can start a business

Regardless of your career, you can start a business right now and start running it and some days. It doesn’t matter how your budget is limited to, we can bring an affordable website solution to any business. 

Everybody can start a business nowadays, and the opportunities are real. A small investment that will yield to biggest revenues!

All online business is scalable, and you can easily invest more to expand your business in the future.

Increase your revenues by turning your offline business into a global online business.

I’m a Malaysian freelancer that will start your career in the online business. Offline businesses are staying behind that’s why I’ve been working for more than 10 years creating responsible and profitable websites.

Turn your business offline to an automated-online business.

Provide all the information needed to create that bond with your audience that will make them feel comfortable on reaching your or inquiring your for your services. Nowadays, a simple good website design is the best solution to keep your business 24/7, and top of that saving you money on operation and rental costs.

So, if you keep it simple, create a brand and a website, you will be getting all the ingredients for creating trust and thus sales!

Freelancers/businesses that work from home

There tons of hassle-free tools that will allow even an elderly person to run a business right now. It is not needed to be a geek person to run your own online store, in fact, you will do it by your own in your home in a couple minutes.

Keep your portfolio, events and sales freshly update in the palm of your hands with a CMS (Content Management System) and builders apps that will make you feel like a professional web designer.

Website – What it’s so important?

People expend more time on devices’ screens than ever and the digital era is not near to the end. Lots of opportunities happen every second on the internet and do you want to miss the chances you are not taking because of remaining outdated.

Let me help you!

I’m a trust-worthy Malaysian web designer. This website is run and founded by Valen Tham, aka Ruruku. As you can tell, the world has changed a lot! This means you need to readapt and create a good website design that attracts, inspire and make your audience feel comfortable on buying/hiring from.

I have helped over +50 freelancers and businesses of all kind. From musicians, photographers, artists and more!

Feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you according to your budget. Your business is going up with me, that’s a fact!

BEST MINI WEB Offers Professional & Affordable Web Design for Startups, Small Businesses & Individuals in Malaysia and Worldwide.

Web design and development in Seremban, Pahang, Terengganu, Johor, Kedah, Perak, Perlis, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Putrajaya, Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, Melaka, Maryland, Baltimore, The Bronx, Manhattan, Washington, Virginia, Brisbane, Queensland, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, Liverpool and Canberra.

Best Mini Web give you the perfect way to start your business web with perks such as 100% unique design, mobile friendly website (aka responsive design) that look nice on every device, get found in google, amazing features, affordable price and friendly instant support.

Hello, I’m Valen Tham aka Ruruku, a freelance web designer from Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Glad you stumbled upon my page – Best Mini Web. Valen loves creating beautiful things on the Internet. She is proud to offer professional and affordable website and graphic design services for small businesses and individuals.

She works with freelancer, artists, fresh businesses and adventurous youth to help them achieve an awesome digital presence.

If you are looking to grow your online presence, take a look at my website design and development services, and graphic design service see how i can help.

How can i help you in Web design?
Your business is totally different from many others; this is why I will create a unique, responsible and effective web design to your company. It’s time to up level your online presence and reflect your business’ personality with a custom web design.

New custom website.

All businesses are different from each other. Do you want to grow your online presence and need help with your website? Please take a look at my website design services and I guarantee I will have a plan for you.

Website restyle.

Sometimes, what we really want is a complete revamp of our current website. Have you got a poor web design? Let me use my experience and talent to make it shine!

Budget website design.

HOT! Expanding your business doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. You can save tons of resources by use this budget plan. With this, your website has standard web features that every website need and beautiful banners to give impact to your audience. Now even with a small budget you still can move a big step to a successful path!

Logo design.

As a graphic designer in KL, I always design logos that speak by themselves and captivate your audience just by looking at them. Your brand is probably the most important process in your online efforts, so let me create a professional and persuasive logo for you!

“Providing budget web design & delivering high quality website to help you grow your business online and enhance your brand identity is the passion that drives my day-to-day energy.” 


Some kind words from my valued customers.

Online identity is so important. After creating my business website, new inquiries about my business increased by 150% within 3 months. I believe it will bring more new business opportunities in the near future. Life is live, Live is life!
​Live Band Malaysia
Wedding Live Band Malaysia
Kryptonite Entertainment

Jun, KL

Managing Director, Kryptonite Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.

More and more call and inquiries after I built my corporate website. Yes, mini budget yet powerful + unlimited business opportunity! Well done!

Oliver, KL, Malaysia

Managing Director, Eureka Sdn. Bhd.

The elegant, fastest and most effective way to get a website! I am impressed on the impact of my new online identity. Almost all the new customers get to know me via Google search before they meet me. Now my online office opens 24 hours and can be reached with online social media. Brilliant right?
Euli Trading: eulitextile.com

Mr Ooi, Selangor, Malaysia.

Sales Manager, Euli Trading Sdn. Bhd.

I feel distress and it’s more convenient the thing about running a business after I own a ecommerce website. It is easy for me to do presentation and show our latest products to my potential customers. Valen is easy to work with and easily understand and smartly visualize my requirement. Great designer!
Secret Gifts for Men: SecretGiftsForMen.com

Juliet, NY, USA

Brand Manager, Secret Gifts For Men

My Promises

There are two things I guarantee in every single project:
1. 100% satisfaction guarantee
2. If not, 100% money back

*Terms apply.


1. Only applicable to website design package.
2. We offer free one-month revisions to ensure total satisfaction.
3. Money back guaranteed via PayPal dispute before hand-over entire finished website.
4. The password of website admin will be released after finishing the project.
5. We have rights to add and subtract terms anytime.

Web Design Tips, Inspirations, Freebies & Stories

Let me be the creators of your new online business presence!

What i want to achieve is giving you the opportunities to offer your products/services globally, increase your revenues and your online identity in a website design that will keep your business running 24/7, the entire year.

Start your plan and your career in the online businesses by contacting us right now!