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Live Band Poster

Online Display Ads | Graphic Design Malaysia

Modern Live Band Poster.

Client: Imaginarium & Kryptonite Entertainment

Project: Online Display Ads for facebook

Hours of job: 12 hours

Purpose: To inform about latest live band show, by two singers covers Jay-Chow songs

Tools i use: Adobe Photoshop


Behind the scene

1) Look for the best and suitable photo to slot in poster.

2) Put the 2 main singer in the same position. Make sure the ratio of head is same. Eye contact must be look in front. 

3) Put in all the information. I had done few variation, this is the final layout design arrangement.

4) Add blue mood to make the overall feeling classy, and to reduce the hue of the shirt. Add some highlight to the singer name, that is the most important info to tell the audience. The triangle act like leading point, to lead audience read info from top to bottom.

5) Add some light fare effect, to make two singer shine like superstar. 

6) Add line effect in the middle. The purpose to immediate grab attention to focus on middle, downward triangle. Sometime you only have less than 1 seconds to grab attention from audience while people scroll down facebook page. I suggest the line and downward triangle, and align info in straight line, and lead to more info at bottom part. The contact phone info in green ( i know it is a bit wierd) this is because the only way to booking is via phone booking. And the purpose of this poster is to inform audience the latest live band show information, and to book it please call the phone number. Green always is the best color to bring action.

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